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Your lavender Essential Oil is lovely and versatile. I was all out and happy when it arrived yesterday. I first learned about lavender oil from a mother of twelve who said she raised her children on it and was never without it. Her favorite was to rub a little on a crying baby’s feet at night and the baby would soon be fast asleep. I’ve tried it on my feet but it works best for me to massage it onto each temple and I’m asleep almost as soon as my head hits the pillow. I've found that applying it to the temples also works for alleviating a headache and to provide a calming effect when under stress.

I sometimes apply it undiluted, directly onto the skin, as it works wonderfully to help heal insect bites, cuts and minor burns.

I've tried numerous brands of lavender oil and I really love the quality and fragrance of yours.  It has all the calming, beautiful, mindful effects that I expected. It's delightfully fragrant and I will definitely order again.

                   -Marlyn Vistaunet
Your lavender oil from France is the BEST!!  When the package arrived, just opening it I could smell the fragrance...  I love lavender and I'm so glad I made this purchase.  Thanks for the fast delivery, also.            
                                             Nancy Focht

Lavender Essential Oil

Is your life filled with busy-ness?  Hectic schedule?  Stressful job?  Do you need some down time to cheer you up?  Open a bottle of Earth Essence™ Lavender Essential Oil and close your eyes.  Breathe deeply and see where the fragrance takes you.  A sunny hillside in Provence?  A springtime garden filled with gently swaying blooms?  A soothing day at the spa?  Relax and feel your cares slip away as the gentle fragrance envelops you in bliss.  Where is your happy place?  It's closer than you think!

Lavender is Lovely!  But what evidence do we have of its usefulness?

Lavender is a favorite among aromatherapists for good reason. Its use as a calming herb has been documented for more than 2,500 years. Modern scientific studies have shown that lavender essential oil:

  • is effective in treating insomnia 
  • improves quality and duration of sleep 
  • increases beta brain waves 
  • lowers measured anxiety levels 
  • relieves depression 
  • improves speed and accuracy on math tests 
  • lowers blood and arterial pressures 
  • slows heart rates 
  • effectively treats agitated behavior caused by dementia 
  • reduces inflammation 
  • suppresses the growth of fungi when diffused in a room
In addition to its reputation as a relaxing herb, lavender has many other traditional uses. It's great for soothing irritated skin, easing sunburn pain, relieving headaches, treating diaper rash, reducing the inflammation of acne or relaxing sore, tired muscles.

How can I get these benefits?

The versatility of Earth Essence™ lavender essential oil is one of its best features.  You can enjoy its therapeutic benefits in any number of ways:
  • use it in an aromatherapy diffuser
  • refresh your wax tarts with it
  • put a few drops in your bath water
  • make a lavender linen spray, then lightly mist your pillow
  • gently warm it in a pot pourri burner
  • mix it with a carrier oil and massage on your skin
  • place a few drops on the rug beside your bed
  • apply several drops directly to your sheets
These are just a few ideas to get you started.  Let your creativity guide you and see what other ideas you can think of.

Where is your lavender oil from?

Earth Essence™ lavender essential oil is imported from the French region of Provence, famous for producing the world's finest lavender.  Known locally as la lavande fine, French lavender is always a great choice!  However, you could be disappointed if you don't shop carefully. That's because French lavender is the common name of Lavandula stoechas, also known as L. dentate. This hybrid has a slightly harsh fragrance and lacks the therapeutic benefits of true lavender.  It produces oil abundantly so it's very affordable – but it doesn't provide the delicate scent most people expect of French lavender.  

For the very best fragrance and therapeutic benefits, you'll want to choose Earth Essence™ lavender essential oil.  Steam-distilled from the fresh flowers of L. angustifolia (also known as L. officinalis or L. vera), our product is 100% pure and undiluted.  No fillers.  No additives. No bases or carrier oils.  No harsh chemicals are used in the extraction process.  Our premium quality oil bears the delicate sweet smell of fresh lavender – perfect for therapeutic and aromatherapy use.

Is your oil good for crafts or DIY projects?

Glad you asked!  Earth Essence™ lavender essential oil is a great choice for crafts and do-it-yourself projects.  You can add it to unscented lotion, body wash or shampoo.  Use it in liquid castile soap to make your own lavender hand wash.  It's great for craft projects such as making sachets, pot pourri or jar candles.  And if you're really feeling decadent, you can make your own lavender bath salts or bath bombs for a fraction of what you'd pay to buy them. 

To ensure that our lavender oil maintains a consistent fragrance, we standardize the content of linalool and linalyl acetate esters compounds that give the lavender plant its characteristic perfume.  This gives the oil a uniformly sweet floral smell, pleasantly perfect from one batch to the next.  Just open the bottle and experience it for yourself.  It's like you're holding a bouquet of fresh flowers!

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